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      Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Services


      DQE believes in a full cycle of emergency preparedness for hospitals, long-term care facilities, and health clinics that begins with an initial client interaction to assess needs, budget, and expectations. We then proceed through a series of finely tuned processes, communications, and procedures that ensure seamless delivery of comprehensive services in an economical and time-efficient manner. Our service delivery concludes with a series of support tools that sustain and enhance a facility’s ongoing readiness for emergency response.

      DQE service offerings:

      On-Site Training

      Training delivered by our experienced, engaging instructors with customizable programs based on your needs. Staff training is based on best practices and in compliance with national standards and regulations.

      DQE-On-Demand? eLearning

      Engaging animation and professional voice over to teach procedures and demonstrate emergency management skills clearly and effectively.

      Created in response to hospital requests for more efficient and affordable training for their staff, DQE-On-Demand provides 24-hour access for ultimate flexibility to let staff train at their own pace.

      Emergency Management Planning

      Comprehensive emergency management policy and procedure development for hospitals, long term care, and healthcare clinics. DQE’s time-proven system combines proprietary planning tools and consultative expertise to create a functional, living document to enhance your readiness.

      What sets DQE Training & Emergency Management Planning Services Apart…

      • Healthcare focused and competency-based
      • Practical and comprehensive
      • Interactive and adaptable
      • Delivered via multiple modalities
      • Cost effective and time efficient
      • Delivered by experienced/credentialed instructors
      • Scalable plans and training customized based on local and regional needs/requirements
      • In compliance with national standards, accreditation requirements and regulations
      • Flexible scheduling
      • Enjoyable training that’s a worthwhile investment of time


      Experience has shown us that it’s important for individual hospitals and long-term care organizations to conduct effective planning and training for hospital emergency preparedness. Equally important, when it comes to major disaster events, is to foster and build community and regional approaches to health and medical capabilities. This has led to the development of coalitions made up of healthcare organizations, key response partners, support organizations and other entities which are necessary to include in disaster preparedness and emergency response efforts.

      DQE has a long history of providing thoughtful planning and consulting, along with unique training and exercises that prepare multi-disciplined personnel to think and respond proficiently in a disaster. In doing this throughout the United States, and the world, DQE has earned a first-class reputation. We are very proud of this and we continue to work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients.

      Let’s Get Started!

      DQE will be your partner and, utilizing our proprietary capabilities assessment tools, help you obtain a clear picture of your current state of hospital emergency preparedness as measured against objective best practice standards and national core capabilities in hospital disaster preparedness.