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      Hospital Incident Command System Training
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      HICS Chart

      Hospital Incident Command System On-Site Training

      The Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) is a standardized, all-hazard incident management system that enables hospitals and other healthcare facilities to organize resources, staff, and facilities in order to remain operational during an emergency and promote the restoration of day-to-day operations.

      HICS On-Site Training Offerings Include:

      DQE helps hospitals implement HICS in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The complete HICS program consists of various offerings ranging from initial to advanced training, executive leadership instruction, and hospital command center training to online education and customized exercises. With proper HICS training and preparedness, chaos during an incident is minimized, normal operations resume sooner, the cost of the event is monitored, safety is maximized, and there is a more efficient use of personnel.

      DQE HICS Training Programs are aligned with NIMS activities for hospitals and healthcare systems, ASPR, NFPA 99, and The Joint Commission.